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FastPay Merchant Information and Benefits

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Membership Benefits

  • Increase sales - Vendors had between $12,000 – 32,000 (average amount was $22,000) in additional  in sales from pre-paid and voucher sales.  With a much more extensive rollout across all of UCSF, vendor should expect significant sales increases.  If vendors to not participate, they will lose access to pre-paid and voucher sales through the program.
  • Higher check averages with the cashless program - Check averages ranged between $4.69 and $7.18 with an average amount of $5.68.  These amounts are very good for the industry. 
  • Low cost of participation – Based on $22,000 in sales, vendors would pay $46 each month ($550 per year) in fees to participate with a 2.5% fee rate.
  • Free marketing and advertising for participating in the FastPay program - Vendors will be listed on FastPay marketing materials, the CLS vendor guide, point-of-sale materials, and much more to promote the program. 
  • Real-time report access - Now they will be able to access reports online at any time of the day from anywhere about their pre-paid and voucher sales.
  • Faster reconciliation of pre-paid funds - Pre-paid sales will be deposited into their account daily.  Voucher sales will still be processed monthly at this time. 
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