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920 Express - Our new retail food mini-store

What is the 920 Express?920 Express Logo

The 920 Express is a new and unique mini food store concept developed by the Department of Nutrition & Food Services. This store is part of the overall retail food options at the Medical Center including the Moffitt Cafe and the Moffitt Cafe Coffee Cart. The purpose of the store is better serve our customers within the Medical Center at Parnassus by providing a location closer to where you work!. Though initially designed for Medical Center employees, we welcome any and all paying customers!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday; 7:00 am - 10:30 am

Where is the Store?

It's located in M920 right next to the service elevators in the south wing of the Moffitt building. It is adjacent to the Department of Critical Care Medicine, the satellite pharmacy, and across from 9 ICU.

What's on the Menu?

The 920 Express will sell the same high quality boxed salads, sandwiches, sushi, chips, fruit, coffee, soda, and juice that is sold in the Moffitt Cafe. Prices and menu items may be subject to change.

Want to see the full menu? Here is a preview (Acrobat Icon).

Cash, Credit Cards and FastPay!

We accept all methods of payment - cash, major credit cards and FastPay pre-paid cards, resident/clinical fellow meal cards. Use your UCSF ID badge as a pre-paid card, find out how by visiting fastpay.ucsf.edu or stopping the Nutrition & Food Services Business Office in room M294.


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