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  Smart Choice Vending Standards

Campus Life Services-Retail, in partnership with Canteen Vending, has developed the following Smart Choice standards for items served in vending machines at UCSF:

  1. All beverages offered in each vending machine shall be one of a combination of the following: a. Water with no additives.
    b. 100% fruit juices with no added sugars, artificial flavors or colors (limited to a maximum of 12 ounces per container)
    c. Dairy Milk, non-fat, 1% and 2% only (no flavored milks)
    d. Plant derived (i.e. rice, almond, soy, etc.) milks (no flavored milks)
    e. Artificially-sweetened, calorie-reduced beverages that do not exceed 50 calories per 12-ounce container (teas, electrolyte replacements)
    f. Other non-caloric beverages, such as coffee, tea and diet sodas.
  2. All snacks/foods offered in each vending machine shall meet the following criteria:
    a. Not more than 35% calories from fat with the exception of nuts and seeds; snack mixes and other foods of which nuts are a part must meet the 35% standard.
    b. Not more than 10% calories from saturated fat.
    c. Does not contain trans fats added during processing (hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils)
    d. Not more than 35% total weight from sugar and caloric sweeteners with the exception of fruits and vegetables that have not been processed with added sweeteners and fats.
    e. Not more than 360 mg of sodium per servings.

Last revised: June 28, 2013

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